FaveLog3Sky Angel Faith & Family Television produces three of America’s best television networks: Angel One, Angel Two and KTV. Learn more about each of our broadcast TV networks by reviewing the featured videos and descriptions that appear below:

angel1logoThe Angel One* network is your premier channel for faith-centered television. Watch and listen to some of today’s leading evangelists like Joyce Meyer, Dr. Charles Stanley, and Jim Bakker.
For more information please visit the Angel One website: www.AngelOne.tv

angel2logoThe Angel Two* network offers programs that are entertaining and educational, promoting a healthy Christian lifestyle. We make it easy to spend time with family watching classic TV programs such as Lassie and The Lone Ranger.
For more information please visit the Angel Two website: www.AngelTwo.tv

KTV* offers a variety of programming geared to each age group, including cartoons, animated shows, talk shows, Christian music videos, dramas, and musicals, as well as shows centered on creationism and social issues, and health and fitness.
For more information please visit the KTV website: www.KTVZone.com

* Available exclusively on DISH Network


Sky Angel is pleased to announce that the Angel Two network has partnered with HUNT CHANNEL to provide blocks of high-quality Outdoor programming:

HuntTVLogoHunt Channel TV’s mission is to provide quality outdoor programming during Primetime and can be seen on Angel Two network Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 pm ET to 11:00 pm ET and Sundays 6:00 pm ET to 8:00 pm ET. Special morning hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 am ET to 8:00 am ET and Sundays 6:00 am ET to 9:00 am ET. HuntChannel.tv airs programs that offer adventure, thrill, and excitement. Southern Boyz Outdoors, hosted by Kinion Bankston, showcases hunting game that includes alligator, turkey, wild boar and more. Student of the Gun TV will feature education, enlightenment and the enjoyment of firearms. Jim Miller travels the Americas as he pursues bow hunting adventures in Tex Mex Outdoors.
For more information please visit the Hunt Channel website at www.HuntChannel.TV