Sky Angel Billing Policies

(Updated 10/1/2013)

The following billing policies are meant to clarify billing procedures for accounts. The information provided here is for billing policy clarifications only. For complete subscription details please refer to the Customer Agreement, or write to: Sky Angel U.S., LLC, ATTN: Sky Angel Customer Agreement, P.O. Box 11329, Naples, FL 34101 to request a copy by mail or visit the Sky Angel website at


Sky Angel U.S., LLC will be further referred to in this document as “Sky Angel.”

“Charges” can include but is not limited to subscription fees, equipment fees, and VOD usage fees.

“Electronic Funds Transfer” (EFT) is the use of a telecommunication network to transfer funds from a financial institution, as a bank, to Sky Angel in payment of charges.

All funds must be payable in US dollars (USD). Sky Angel does not accept international checks in foreign currencies. For a list of fees and more information, please see the Schedule of Fees.


Account Payment

Payment via Credit Card - Sky Angel accepts payments via American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. By providing credit card information you give the authorization to cover all future charges. For those customers who signed up for monthly billing before June 1, 2010, credit cards will be charged on the first (1st) of each month. Those who signed up for monthly billing after June 1, 2010 will be charged their initial fee five (5) days after their order is submitted and then will recur on the same billing date for each month following.

Other Payment Methods - Sky Angel accepts payments by EFT. All rules and responsibilities for Credit Card payments apply to EFT payments as well.


Accounts Payment Status - The customer is responsible for any charges related to their equipment and service. The Customer is also responsible for keeping Credit Card and EFT information on file and up-to-date. If payment fails, applicable fees will apply.

Billing Information

Updating your Billing Information - The customer is solely responsible for keeping all personal and billing information current at all times. You can update your billing information by visiting and/or by calling 1-866-759-2448. You will be required to provide the account name and account password to change personal information.

Invoices and Statements

Invoices and Statements - For account information log in to “MyAccount” on the Sky Angel website, or call 1-866-759-2448.


Customer Liability - Certain taxes may be applicable. The customer is solely responsible for all taxes and fees associated with Sky Angel equipment and service.


Purchases - Sky Angel purchases are non-refundable, except that the ability to process a refund will be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of special promotions for equipment purchased under the conditions of the special promotion. (Equipment purchased through Sky Angel has a limited warranty described in the break seal agreement shipped with the box. You can also call 866-759-2448 for more information).

*Please note that these Policies are subject to change without notice. It is the customer’s responsibility to review these Policies from time-to-time to identify such changes. Continued use of any Sky Angel Services and/or equipment used to access the services following a change in Policy or Terms & Conditions shall constitute the customer’s acceptance of any such changes.

Billing Policy
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