(Effective 10/1/13)

Sky Angel U.S., LLC (“Sky Angel”) CUSTOMER AGREEMENT

This Agreement describes the terms and conditions regarding your receipt of and payment for the Sky Angel Service (“Service”). If you do not accept these terms, please notify us immediately and we will cancel your Service (our contact information is listed below). You accept this Agreement and are legally bound by its terms and conditions if you decide to do any of the following things: activate your Sky Angel account, receive Sky Angel Service or use your Service after making any changes or additions. If you accept this Agreement, it will apply to all Sky Angel Services, including your existing Sky Angel subscription. The current Agreement is always available for your review at

This is your copy of the Agreement. Please read it carefully. Please note that there may be additional terms and conditions pertaining to a particular Service promotion. Please refer to the specific terms and conditions of any applicable promotion at

Thank you for supporting the Sky Angel Service. You can contact us at 1-800-SKY-ANGEL/ 1-800-759-2643 or (239) 963-3200, by sending an e-mail to, or by writing to:

Sky Angel U.S., LLC
P.O. Box 11329
Naples, FL 34101-1329


For general information about the Sky Angel® Service, please visit our Website at


Programming Subscriptions

A. Basic Programming Service. Currently, funding for Sky Angel primarily comes from individual paying subscribers. Sky Angel offers monthly and annual subscriptions; Sky Angel’s basic monthly and annual programming services consist of video & radio channels, Subscription Video on Demand and Video on Demand content (“Sky Angel Services or Service(s)”) selected at Sky Angel’s sole discretion. This agreement will apply to all Sky Angel Services regardless of the length of subscription. Access to VOD and SVOD are included with a basic subscription however each selection is independently priced.


B. Programming Changes. Specific channels and programs and the number of channels and programs on the Sky Angel Service are subject to change without notice, and Sky Angel reserves the right to replace entire channels or programs at its sole discretion. Most existing full-channel programmers have long-term contracts for carriage on the Service subject to maintaining certain program content and other contractual requirements. Many changing considerations affect availability, including cost and quality of programming. Sky Angel reserves the unrestricted right to change, rearrange, add or delete programming channels and change subscription prices. In the event of a change in the content of any programming or programming packages, you understand and agree that we have no obligation to adjust the subscription price or replace or supplement the programming or programming packages previously offered that have been deleted, rearranged or otherwise changed unless otherwise indicated in this Agreement. You can always decide to cancel your Service in whole or part if you do not accept the change subject to amounts owed under the Terms of Service and Customer Agreement. If you do not cancel, your continued receipt of Sky Angel constitutes acceptance.

This right to cancel does not relieve you of any other commitments, including, but not limited to, financial commitments such as early termination fees, made under a separate promotional agreement under which you received a discount on products, equipment or programming in exchange for your agreement to maintain your subscription for a certain period of time or pay a cancellation fee to terminate.  

C. Private Viewing. We provide programming only for your private home or office viewing, non-commercial use and enjoyment. If you are interested in contracting for public performance of the Service in hotels, colleges, hospitals and similar multi-tenant establishments, please contact us at 1-800-SKY ANGEL/1-800-759-2643 or (239) 963-3200, or by sending an e-mail to

You agree that our programming will not be viewed outside of your private residence or office. Programming may not be rebroadcast, transmitted, recorded (except for personal fair use), nor may admission be charged for listening to or viewing any programming provided by Sky Angel. The Service is intended for use within the United States and its territories. You agree not to take the Sky Angel receiver out of the United States or to attempt to receive the Service outside the United States.


A. Installation and Activation. Sky Angel Services can only be received using a high-speed Internet connection with ample and sufficient speed, which you must obtain from a third party provider. Sky Angel makes no representations that the high-speed Internet service that you obtain will be sufficient to handle Sky Angel Services. Sky Angel assumes no liability for your failing to contract for a high-speed Internet service that is capable of handling the Sky Angel Service(s). Sky Angel assumes no liability for any high-speed Internet issues that may arise with your third party provider to include but not limited to connectivity, download speed, buffering/retrieving, bandwidth overages or security. High-speed Internet includes both Cable Broadband and Telco DSL.

B. Additional Receivers. If you want to watch different Sky Angel programs on different televisions in your home at the same time, you will need an additional Sky Angel receiver for each television. Extra receivers can be added at any time and ordered directly from Sky Angel over the phone. There will be an additional fee for the receiver box and a monthly subscription charge from Sky Angel for each additional receiver box installed. This fee is subject to change. Please note that you will need to allocate additional Internet bandwidth in order to view multiple Sky Angel signals at the same time.

C. Condition of receiver box

All receiver equipment is the property of NeuLion if leased and is inspected/tested prior to delivery and warranted by NeuLion to be in refurbished or new condition. All questions and claims with reference to the equipment used from NeuLion should be referred to NeuLion. Sky Angel’s only obligation for equipment needed to receive Sky Angel programming is to forward equipment orders to NeuLion for fulfillment. Sky Angel does not receive any money for equipment furnished to the customer.


A. Terms and Conditions. You will pay in advance at our rates in effect at the time for all recurring Service ordered by you or anyone who uses your receiving equipment, with or without your permission, through all periods until the Service is cancelled. You agree to pay all amounts charged for programming and to pay all taxes, fees and other charges, if any, which are now or may in the future be assessed on the programming you receive from us. Our Billing Policies may be viewed at

B. Billing Policies. No statement will be mailed. All monthly fees will be automatically applied to the payment method used on your original order and will be charged on the 1st of each month if you subscribed to Sky Angel before June 1, 2010 or the initial fee five (5) days after your order is submitted and then will recur on the same billing date for each month following if you subscribed after June 1, 2010.  You may request a different payment method after your equipment has been shipped and the initial charge processed. Changes to payment method must be made no less than seven (7) business days prior to your billing cycle in order to ensure that the new method is charged. You agree to pay us in full on or before the payment due date. If the payment method provided fails, we will charge you an administrative Late Payment Fee of $10.00, which is subject to change from time-to-time. Sky Angel does not extend credit to our customers; therefore the Late Payment Fee is not interest, a credit Service charge or a finance charge. You acknowledge that this fee is reasonably related to the actual expense we incur due to late payment. You understand and agree that, in the case of failed payment or nonpayment for any programming ordered by you or for any of the charges stated below, Sky Angel may report such failed payment or nonpayment to credit reporting agencies. If you do not provide a valid payment method by the due date, Sky Angel has the right to disconnect your programming at any time thereafter, at our sole discretion. Sky Angel may require you to pay all past due charges, a Reactivation Fee, a deposit equal to a minimum of one month’s advance charges and all outstanding balances accrued through the date of deactivation, before Sky Angel reconnects your programming. Deposits will not be held segregated from other funds and shall not earn or accrue interest.

C. Administrative Fees and Taxes. You will pay all taxes or other governmental fees and charges, if any, which are assessed. In addition to the amounts due for programming, and monthly recurring charges, you agree to pay the administrative fees referenced below (“Fees”) when applicable. Sky Angel reserves the right to increase these Fees or add additional Fees in the future, in our sole discretion. Listed below are administrative fees that may be charged by Sky Angel. To learn the current charge for each administrative fee, please contact us at the telephone number or e-mail address displayed at the beginning of this document or online at All administrative fees are subject to change without notice.

Current List of Fees

  • Late Payment Fee
  • Reactivation Fee
  • Change Service Fee
  • Credit Card Chargeback Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Activation
  • Early Termination Fee

D. Questions about Your On-line Billing Statement. If you think your statement is incorrect, or you need information about it, call or write us as soon as possible. The e-mail address, postal address and telephone number for our Customer Service Center is displayed at the beginning of this document. For more information about your subscription package, charges or billing activity visit Sky Angel’s MyAccount area at Failure to notify us of a dispute within 10 days of receipt shall constitute acceptance of the bill. Undisputed portions of the billing statement must be paid before the next billing statement is issued to avoid an administrative fee for late payment and/or suspension of services.

E. Programming Suspension or Conversion. If you paid a pre-paid subscription for any programming and your account is past due for any amounts owed to us, at our option we may suspend any or all programming until payment is received. In addition, Sky Angel may, at its sole election, apply any or all of the unused portion of your pre-paid subscription to amounts due and, to the extent there is still credit due for pre paid amounts, convert the prepaid subscription into a monthly subscription for a period equal to the amount of pre-paid funds remaining divided by the current monthly rate; Sky Angel will first apply the amount you paid for your pre-paid subscription to any subscription-based past due amounts and then any remaining amounts to any amounts due for Video On Demand, Subscription Video On Demand or Premium Channels which are past due amount(s).

F. Collections. If Sky Angel uses a collection agency or attorney to collect money you owe us or to assert any other right which we may have against you, you agree to pay the reasonable costs of collection and/or attorney fees or other action required to collect amounts owed. These costs might include, but are not limited to, the costs of a collection agency, reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.

G. Cancellation of Our Obligations. If you at any time fail, neglect, or refuse to make timely payments hereunder, or if a petition in bankruptcy shall be filed on your behalf or against you, or if you take advantage of any insolvency law or become insolvent or make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or if a receiver, liquidator, or trustee is appointed for your property or affairs, Sky Angel shall be wholly relieved from our obligations hereunder.

Service Term and Cancellation

The term of this Agreement is indefinite and you will continue to receive Sky Angel’s Services until cancelled by you or by Sky Angel. You have the right to cancel Sky Angel Service(s) for any reason at any time by notifying us via telephone at the phone number, or postal address set forth at the beginning of this Agreement. Please be aware that if you cancel your Service(s) prior to the expiration of any subscription obligation, equipment payment obligation, and other special obligations, no refunds will be given, and Sky Angel will charge your credit card for any previously agreed-upon amount owed. Sky Angel has the right to terminate your programming, and take any other action necessary to recover amounts due hereunder, at any time without providing notice to you if: (i) you fail to pay your bill when it is due; (ii) we receive confirmation that you have received the programming or any part of the programming without paying for it; or (iii) you otherwise violate the terms of this Agreement. If your programming is cancelled for any reason, you are still responsible for payment of all outstanding balances accrued, including any applicable Fees. You understand that charges for programming, once charged to your account, are nonrefundable. For monthly and annual subscriptions, the cancellation will be effective at the end of the period covered by the last bill. No refunds or credits will be provided in connection with the cancellation of any subscriptions.


Customer Information

A. Privacy. We collect personally identifiable information about our customers. Use and disclosure of that information is governed by our Privacy Policy. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available at We send a copy of our Privacy Policy by e-mail each year to existing customers, as required by federal law. By acceptance of the these Terms and Conditions you agree to accept delivery of our Privacy Policy by e-mail and agree that such delivery shall satisfy any obligation of Sky Angel to otherwise provide the Privacy Policy. In the event we do not have an email address for you, the Privacy Policy will be provided via U.S. mail and shall be considered delivered upon placement with the Post Office for delivery.


B. Representations. You represent that you are at least 18 years of age and a resident of the United States or its Territories.


C. Physical Address/Change of Address. When setting up your Sky Angel account, you agree to provide us with the physical street address in the United States or its Territory where the equipment will be located. Misrepresenting or otherwise providing false information as to the location of the equipment shall constitute fraud and will be dealt with by Sky Angel as such including criminal prosecution where the situation warrants. The customer shall be responsible for all damages incurred by Sky Angel as a result of misstating or otherwise providing false information (including failure to update the address where the Services are received) as to the address of the equipment where the Services are/or will be received. A post office box does not constitute a physical address and is not sufficient to meet this requirement. You agree to give us prompt notice of any change of name, mailing address, physical address where the equipment is located or telephone number. You may do this by notifying our Customer Service Center by postal mail or e-mail as provided in this Agreement or by using MyAccount in the website.


D. Online Account and Automatic Payment. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account username and passwords used for online billing Services and account maintenance at, and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password and account. You agree to keep your username and password confidential and not share them with anyone else. You agree to immediately notify Sky Angel if there is unauthorized use of your password and account or other security breach. You agree to reimburse Sky Angel for any losses or damages as a result of someone using your password. You can view monthly statements online.


Prior Agreements

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of your Service at any time. If we make any changes, we will post a copy of your new Customer Agreement  on our website and it shall be effective immediately upon posting. You are encouraged to check our website from time-to-time for updates to the Customer Agreement. If you decline to accept the new terms and conditions, your sole remedy is to cancel your Service, subject to the payment of the amounts due under previously agreed terms and conditions for the providing of the services. If you do cancel, you may be charged a deactivation fee. Your continued receipt of Sky Angel Services following notification by posting of our website of the new terms and conditions from us will constitute acceptance of the changed terms and conditions.





It is your responsibility to impose any restrictions on viewing by you, other members of your family, household, or guests, and Sky Angel shall have no liability whatsoever to anyone due to or based on the content of any of the programming, or the viewing of such content, received by Internet or through a receiver provided for the viewing of Sky Angel programming.


Warning Against Piracy

It is a violation of several U.S. federal and state laws to receive any Sky Angel programming, or any portion of such programming, without paying for it. The penalties for violating such laws can range from imprisonment to civil damage awards.



A. Applicable Law. All matters concerning the validity and interpretation of and performance under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida, without giving effect to its conflict of law provisions. The laws of the State of Florida shall also govern all substantive matters arising in any arbitration proceedings, to the extent that Florida law does not conflict with the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. § et.seq. 


B. Notice. If Sky Angel sends you notice, it will be considered given when deposited in the U.S. Mail, addressed to you at your current billing address or hand-delivered to you. Sky Angel’s notice to you will also be effective if provided on or with your online billing statement or by telephone. If you give notice to Sky Angel, it will be deemed given when received by Sky Angel by postal mail at the mailing address provided above in this Agreement.


C. Other. This document, along with any promotional offer commitments that you agreed to at initiation of the Service, comprises the entire agreement between Sky Angel and you, the customer, and no salesperson, installer, customer service representative, authorized retailer, or other similarly situated individual is authorized to change the terms set forth herein. Sky Angel may, however, change the terms and conditions of this Agreement in the future. Your continued receipt of Sky Angel Services following receipt by email, or written notice, or publication by Sky Angel of the change on its Website, of this Agreement shall constitute your acceptance of its terms and conditions and accordingly, they will be legally binding on you. The terms of this Agreement, which either are expressly stated to survive or by their nature would logically be expected to survive termination, shall continue thereafter until fully performed.


Resolving Disputes

In order to expedite and control the cost of disputes, you agree that any legal or equitable claim relating to this Agreement or the Programming (referred to as a “Claim”) will be resolved by the following:


A. Informal Resolution. Sky Angel will first try to resolve the Claim informally. Accordingly, you may not start a formal proceeding for at least 60 days after you notify us of a Claim in writing. To initiate a claim, you must send notice to the address listed in this Agreement. If Sky Angel initiates a claim, we will send our notice to the billing address on file with us.


B. Formal Resolution. Any controversy or claim arising out of or related to this Agreement or breach of this Agreement, including claims made by the Customer against Sky Angel under applicable consumer protection laws, shall and must be commenced, prosecuted and resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association then in effect at the time the arbitration is initiated and under the rules set forth in this Agreement. If there is a conflict between the AAA Rules and the rules set forth in this Agreement, the rules set forth in this Agreement will govern. Arbitration means that you waive your right to a jury trial. Such binding arbitration shall and must be commenced exclusively in Naples, Florida, unless Sky Angel consents to another location. Judgment upon any award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Nothing in this Agreement shall affect Sky Angel’s ability to terminate the Customer’s programming for non-payment of amounts owed to us when due or other breach of this Agreement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions shall be acknowledged by Customer’s continued use of Sky Angel Service(s) and includes the consent of Customer for Sky Angel to terminate the Service at its sole discretion at any time.


Customer Agreement
Sky Angel Networks, LLC ® All Rights Reserved