By Janet Holland January 3rd, 2014

Well, my friends, the time is all-too-near when we will no longer have the blessing of convenient access to the wealth of programming Sky Angel has brought into our homes for many years. I recall how excited I was that day (I think it was in the early 80s) when I saw a full-page ad in a Christian magazine for the new Sky Angel satellite service. I could not wait to find out what I needed to do to bring all that programming into my home, and then take the steps to make it happen!

Back then, the Christian TV offering was limited to a few early-morning ministry broadcasts on the weekend and maybe one or two weekday programs, and Christian radio was mostly one local station, or maybe a low-signal station in a nearby town. I recall searching the radio dial to find a station, any station that would bring biblical teaching into our home. There was no choosing a favorite station format or listening to radio via a crystal-clear signal. I was grateful for everything that was available, but when Sky Angel came along, I reveled in having so many choices! In those early days, my favorite trick was setting a 5-minute recurring recording for each of my favorite programs, thus utilizing the satellite receiver to automatically change the channel to my next “favorite” program all day, every day. It was like setting up my own custom Christian station…sweet!

When the IPTV service started, I added an FM transmitter that sends Sky Angel audio to radios in every room in my house, even the garage. And I am able to keep a remote on my nightstand and change the channel during the night without leaving my comfy bed. It’s been a blessing beyond words!

We are losing some features I will really miss…having so many TV and radio offerings accessible in one convenient, readily-accessible format…being able to choose from all the faith programs that were broadcast over the last 48 hours…even the simple convenience of having a program guide that consolidated all program listings in one place for quick reference. In today’s increasingly godless culture, I’ve concluded that we need to take in biblical truth and uplifting, family-friendly programming at every opportunity, and these are features that made it easy to do so.

Can I still find a way to watch a favorite TV broadcast or listen to a ministry’s daily radio program? Yes I can, for much of the programming at least, but it will take a lot more time, effort…and intention. Not to mention adding additional equipment and setting up a variety of alternative means for accessing the programs. The truth is, because of its all-in-one-place format, Sky Angel made it much more likely, for me at least, that I would take the time to “feed” myself a steady diet of excellent, edifying TV and radio program content. Thank you, Sky Angel, for making that possible over the years!

My friends, I know you share my sadness at what we will lose when Sky Angel ceases broadcasting in a matter of days. Like you, I’d be so delighted if it just were not so! But even as we lose the Sky Angel offering we have enjoyed, let’s not stop being intentional about feeding ourselves—there are solutions. For those of you who are current DISH NETWORK subscribers, and those who may decide to become DISH subscribers now—I pray you will be richly blessed by Sky Angel’s Angel One, Angel Two, and KTV (Kids and Teens Television) channels that are part of the DISH lineup. Be sure to visit Sky Angel’s Facebook page for information about the programming that will be offered on these channels, and take advantage of everything they offer—we see now how important that is! If you are a senior adult like me, I know you can remember the days when we didn’t have any Christian TV channels at all—thank God for all those, like Sky Angel, whose mission vision is to keep on working to make the gospel available to all! May God go before them and give them success!

I have started a Facebook group where we who will soon be “former Sky Angel subscribers” can discuss ideas and share solutions that will help us all to continue enjoying our favorite faith and family-friendly programming. Today’s technology opens up so many exciting possibilities! Please come join the conversation! You can find the group at, or simply search Facebook for “Former Sky Angel Subscribers” — I hope to meet you there!

And once again…thank you, Sky Angel, for using the power of technology to impact our lives for all these many years! Only eternity will reveal all that God has accomplished in so many lives! May we continue to cross paths as you keep on with your vision to reach many with the gospel!

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My Take on “Planes”

By Robert Steffensen December 10th, 2013

 photo 7401e0e0-21c0-4c03-8e0a-ddbad6dc77d8_zpsef909b82.jpg

My family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we had a chance relax together and watch Disney’s “Planes.”  First of all, I love Pixar’s animation, and their latest release, “Planes” did not let me down in the graphics department! I’m really fascinated by the realism and detail that Pixar incorporates in their movies and their good morals, such as helping others, really shines through in “Planes.”

There was one thing that I do wish was different, I wish the plot was a little more original; It was a bit reminiscent to their big hit, “Cars”…. with the grouchy veteran eventually giving in to teach the newbie how to race, and there were similar plots in the races as well. But really… kids don’t mind that kind of stuff; It’s a big hit with mine any way!

“Planes” is in Sky Angel VOD/ JUST IN and DISNEY section.

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Sky Angel iPad App

By Janet Holland December 9th, 2013

I must sound like a broken record, mentioning again how much I like the Sky Angel iPad app! My main reason for subscribing to Sky Angel is to have convenient and constant access to a smorgasbord of faith programming choices. I find that on both the WebTV and the iPad app, I can jump around very quickly to check out programs, including programs that were on anytime during the 48-hour playback window. The iPad app is so well-designed and user-friendly! Easy to start, stop, and change channels. I can easily use a slider to move through programs within the 48-hour playback window. Frankly, I use the iPad app more than I use my two IPTV Sky Angel boxes, although they certainly have function for me as well.

Do you know that you can get Sky Angel WebTV for $14.99/mo., then add the iPad app for $5/mo.? And you can start watching on these two platforms in minutes without any equipment. Sky Angel offers these two programming options with a 48-hour tryout basis and, of course, no subscription requirement.

I have come to believe that in today’s godless culture, we who are Christ-followers need to take in a steady diet of biblical truth, not only in our daily devotional times, but also throughout the day. Technology is inert–it can be used for good or for evil. You can be sure that the enemy seizes every opportunity to use technology to take us down a destructive path–let’s take advantage of the ways the Lord provides opportunities for us to strengthen and encourage ourselves in the Word.

There are a number of ministry programs I watch regularly, and it’s so easy to access them whenever I have the time to watch/listen. I also find it very encouraging to listen to testimonies of God’s work in people’s lives. Many programs offer that kind of encouragement, including James Robison’s “Life Today,” Cornerstone TV’s new “Real Life” program, and many others. When I finish listening to or watching quality Christian programs, I often think of the difference between investing my time in something that will stay with me and positively impact my life and others–as opposed to scanning through TV channels just looking for something that will entertain me for the moment and have no lasting impact.

I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season! Thank God for His Son–His Gift! too wonderful for words! (2 Cor. 9:15)

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Movie Review: Saving Santa - VOD - Just Added

By Mason Goodknight November 30th, 2013

We sat down as a family and watched the new movie, “Saving Santa”. Now I’m not a big Santa fan. My girls are 7 and 5 and we have never led them to believe Santa is real and they’ve always known Jesus is the real reason for Christmas.

However, because Santa is make believe and we don’t have to spend time trying to hide that from our kids and waste time in a movie explaining away scientific absurdities. This actually makes watching Santa movies more fun.

One disclaimer. The movie Poster doesn’t list Tim Conway at the top. Also in the trailer you can watch below you will hear a distinctly British Santa Clause. However, that must have been changed before final production. The movie you will watch on SkyAngel and anywhere else I assume has Tim Conway as Santa. Nothing against whoever the gentleman was who voiced the trailer, but I did enjoy Tim Conway as Santa better! It was fun to share with out girls that the guy playing Santa also played “Wormie”, in one of their favorite cartoon series.

Well as to the movie. Bernard the Elf(Martin Freeman from the Hobbit) is the main character. Bernard is a nice but somewhat bumbling wannabe elf inventor. His dream is to work for “Santech”. Currently Bernard is the Reindeer pooper scooper. It seems his best friend is “Blitzen” the reindeer.

Bernard stumbles on a plot by a wicked shipping magnate(played by Tim Curry)to steal Santa and his secret to lightning fast package delivery! If that wasn’t enough evil, add in Joan Collins as mommy to Tim and you get quite a mix.

Stir in cool 3d animation, great actors, some catchy musical tunes, just a hint of Groundhog’s Day, and plenty of Christmas cheer and you have a pretty great movie! Enjoy it with your family this Christmas season! God bless!

Trailer ->

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Countdown to Christmas! Hallmark Style!

By Robert Steffensen November 25th, 2013

 photo hallmark-channel_zps3db137b3.jpg
If you are looking for family feel good Christmas movies then look no further than the Hallmark Channel. They have been airing Holiday movies 24hrs a day since November 1st, and will continue until the New Year. Also Every Saturday and Sunday they premier a new feature at 8 Eastern. One movie we recently enjoyed was The Christmas Card. This is a charming film about a military man that is drawn to a small town because of a heart felt Christmas card he receives. Of course there is plenty of holiday cheer and romance involved. Some others to be on the watch for are, Christmas With Holly, Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle and Call Me Mrs. Miracle, Love’s Christmas Journey, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Pete’s Christmas, Silver Bells, and Love At the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We have enjoyed all of these and many more. Don’t forget to also check out the Hallmark Movie Channel for, The Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas, which airs weekdays.

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Movie: The Christmas Ornament

By Merwinna Stevens November 17th, 2013

Hallmark Channel has a new movie called “The Christmas Ornament.” It is a story about a woman who is still grieving over the loss of her husband in February of the same year. As she deals with his death, she tries to keep her husband’s dream alive. She doesn’t want a  Christmas tree in her home, yet bakes Christmas cookies for her friends. As you watch the story unfold, you will learn why.

I enjoyed the movie. It is pretty much the same formula Hallmark movies seem to follow, but the details make each story interesting. I don’t have a picture for this one, but I believe it is worth watching.

On November 25, my friend Joyce and I are leaving for Israel with the Perry Stone Ministry tour. If you get a chance to watch him, you won’t be disappointed. His program is called Manna-Fest. He is an excellent teacher, and lives what he teaches. You can find him on Daystar, among other faith channels. My wonderful children are paying for Joyce and I to go on the tour. What a precious gift!

When I return, I will try to be more active as a blogger. My precious grandchildren take lots of energy, so I have been slow to blog. Shawn will be 15 in December. Madysen is 12. Vanessa, my oldest great-grandchild,  is 6, and seldom here as she is in Kindergarten. Her little brothers, Harper, 3, and Tyne, nearly 5 months old, keep me busy. Shawn and Maddy still come here during the week for their online school. I am blessed.

It will be worth your time to look over the g-movies. I will blog on some of them after I return December 4th–and after I recuperate from the long trip and time change.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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Producing Inspiration

By Michael McDonald November 15th, 2013

When was the last time you saw a movie and felt inspired and motivated? Hollywood produces movies every year. But not every movie produced can be called inspirational or emotionally moving. Because Hollywood and other media outlets play such a paramount role in shaping the national culture, the need for strong, faith-based movies is in great demand.


A good, well-produced movie can have a lasting impact on the life of a person. One such movie is Long Shot: The Story of Kevin Laue. Earlier this year, Fox News featured an inspirational story about another young man who has only one arm and was offered a basketball scholarship with the University of Florida.


“They give people hope they can overcome their past and aren’t powerless to change their circumstances,” said Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide: The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment.


Are there any movies that you have found inspiring?


To read the article in full, click here:

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NRB - Gospel Coalition - Tim Keller Gospel Shaped Ministry - 11/13 5pm or 9pm

By Mason Goodknight November 15th, 2013

I don’t know if there is a group of more godly gospel centered people I could recommend to you than the folks at the Gospel Coalition. Without a doubt that is the main focus of the coalition. Pastors like Tim Keller, John Piper, Al Mohler, Kevin DeYoung, D.A. Carson, Tullian Tchividian, Thabiti Anyabwile, Voddie Baucham, and the list goes on and on! These are solid Bible teachers that have the gospel and Jesus Christ at the center of their ministries. Crossing the denominational spectrum with a solid unity on the gospel. This ministry will bless you!

Now available it seems every Wednesday at 5pm and 9pm Pacific on the NRB Network. NRB is bringing some of the very best theologically sound teachers and ministries around. I am regularly blessed by this network!

Get to NRB today and catch Tim Keller’s excellent message on how we need to reach people in this day and age. Keller lays out relevant ideas and strategy for today without sacrificing the central gospel necessities. An excellent message from one of America’s most profound preachers.

Also check out their webpage for more information on this awesome ministry!

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Road to Emmaus

By Jim Phelps November 9th, 2013

Have you ever wondered how it was for Jesus’ disciples and followers during the time between the resurrection of Jesus and when He returned to heaven?

Road to Emmaus is a video which covers that very time period. It is a very well done video; you really get the feeling that the scriptwriter paid close attention to the biblical text and, more importantly, was led by the Lord in putting it all together. Also, the acting was superb.

The feeling I had at the end of the video was, He did His part — He trained His disciples, and then He died for their sins; and now it is time for our part — now it is time for us to be about the work of the Lord.

This is a great video; I highly recommend it. And it’s only 1/2 hour long!

You can find Road to Emmaus under Video on Demand / Movies / Vision Video.

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“I Want to Leave You With the Truth”

By Robert Steffensen November 5th, 2013

 photo myhopeamerica_featur_flg_zpsb2f44aa6.jpg
Recently, I watched a short advertisement for Billy Graham’s new project called, “My Hope America.”  Near the end of this short clip, Billy said, “I want to leave you with the truth…that He loves you willing to forgive you of all your sins.”  The word “leave” struck my attention, and I actually wiped away a tear thinking that this could be his last project.  I have many fond memories of the Billy Graham Crusade preempting the regular scheduled programming on the only TV station my parent’s had living way out in the country. Through many crusades and many years later, his message has never changed; What an amazing legacy Billy has!

I love how Billy incorporates modern artists into to his program… Fresh artists that people can really relate to today.  For instance:  a popular Christian rap artist, Lecrae, and a popular rock singer, Lacey Sturm, will be giving their testimonies on his new project. Billy really wants this “My Hope America” to reach the lost:

“I hope you won’t watch the program alone. It’s intended to be watched with someone you know—a loved one, friend, or co-worker—who needs Jesus Christ.”

“My Hope America.” will be airing the 9th of February at 6:30(EST) On Sky Angel 2. Also you can check here for listings.

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