TV Guide: Is TV Too Gory?

By Karole Davis December 7th, 2011

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TV Guide: Is TV Too Gory?


Michael Schneider from TV Guide writes on the latest TV trend, a new age of horror and thriller series that rely on graphic portrayals instead of “psychological scares.”


“Horror is a polarizing genre, which is why the networks mostly avoided it. But times have changed, content standards have loosened, and cable is able to target a niche crowd that likes a little gristle in their TV diet.


The horror genre has made a bit of a comeback in recent years, as audiences grew accustomed to more graphic thrills via the popularity of movies like Saw, Paranormal Activity and The Human Centipede (some of which have been dubbed “torture porn” because of their graphic nature). Also, dark procedurals like CSI and Criminal Minds made it safe to show brutalized corpses in prime time, paving the way for some of the gruesome images on TV’s horror explosion.”


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