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By Janet Holland February 25th, 2011

I am enjoying the new PIXL movie channel (channel 304)!  It is 24/7 family-friendly movies WITHOUT COMMERCIALS!  Right now, I am watching “Aftershock: Earthquake in New York.”  Yesterday’s offerings included the Janette Oke “Love Comes” movie series.  Many of the movies are Hallmark movies which can also be seen on the Hallmark Movie Channel and the Hallmark Channel, but both of those channels have commercials.  It will be nice to be able to watch those movies, as well as others, without commercials on PIXL.

Until PIXL listings show up in other guides, here is a place where you can get movie listings with detailed descriptions: 



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14 Responses to “PIXL Movie Channel”

  1. Liz Nowak Says:

    I love this station. I am a big fan of LMC and have watched a lot of their movies. Now , no commercials, and the same good shows. I really enjoy the Hallmark movies. Keep up the good work.,

  2. Peggy Harbour Says:

    I really like watching PixL movies; however, the music is so loud that I can’t hear the dialog very well. My hearing hasn’t gone yet, hahaha! I can hear other channels perfectly. Does anyone else have the problem of the music being louder than the dialog on PixL movies?

  3. Maribel Cruz Says:

    Love this channel. I am a true fan of LMC and Hallmark, but this channel totaling won me over. Especially when ur a Chritian going through ur own trials, this lifts you up and reminds you that God is always with you. My faith just had a re-fill.

  4. JHolland Says:

    I agree, Sally. I think PIXL is a sister channel to Hallmark. I had already seen most of the movies when they originally aired on the Hallmark Channel, but it’s delightful to watch favorites again without commercials! And PIXL has been premiering new Hallmark movies before they are aired on the Hallmark Channel.

  5. Bob and Mae Sharp Says:

    We Have recently discovereed PIXL and love the clean speech, family movies, and no commercials. Don’t see how you do it but we are glad we ccan see clean movies.Keep up the good work we would recommend it to anyone.
    Bob abd Mae Sharp

  6. Abbye Says:

    I just discovered this channel last week. I am at home with the kiddies and it is so nice to be able to watch a movie now and again without blood and guts and all other forms of violence with the children playing near by.

    About time!!! I have recommended it to my friends. Really, it amazes me that there must be a certain level bad tv out there to make even one new channel look amazing. I am tired of the junk that is put out there anymore. Reality tv….what a joke! Anything else is a leftover of something that always came before, they just changed the actors.

    Thank you!

  7. Cynthia Smith Says:

    I just found this channel three weeks ago and I love it. The storylines are great and they give you hope, with everything that is going on in the world today this is a good change. Thank you Pixl

  8. charlie and Sheila Says:

    We just found this channel on dish and we love it. We watch all the christian shows we can. This old world needs more channels and shows like this. Pixl keep up the great work. Oh also we have surround sound the sound and music is great.

  9. Lisa Says:

    We have Dish Network and I just discovered this channel last week. I LOVE it! Thank you for GOOD movies - family, faith and moral movies. Spent the whole weekend watching the Love Begins and so on movie series. EXCELLENT! Keep them coming! Thank you!

  10. JHolland Says:

    Yes, I love that series of movies, too! They are based on books by Janette Oke. I think there are eight movies in the series.

  11. RBeck Says:

    JHolland: Yes, there were eight movies made from the “Love” series of books.
    Does anyone know if Dish is going to carry this channel? I can’t find it in my lineup anymore. It was on channel 388 this past week, but now it’s gone. My wife and I love the Hallmark movies that this channel was carrying, and we would like to keep watching it.

  12. Lynise Tarring Says:

    I thrive on the positive movies Hallmark has always showed. I clicked onto your new channel quite accidently and haven’t stopped watching in yet. I love the movies, the positive Pass It On parts, and the fact there’s no commericals. I am grateful that DISH slide you in because TV is usually my “end of the day” escape from negative stuff and stress. For me, it’s medicine for my akua (Hawaiian for soul) because I have chronic pain and to watch only positive wholesome movies is a blessing. Mahalo pumehana, (Hawaiian for thank you sincerely with warmth).
    Aloha, Lynise Tarring

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I like so much that kind of movies without violence , we enjoyed the whole family after go back and forth with all the channels I enjoyed every movie that a watch.Thanks for a god movie every time.

  14. carlos cabrera Says:

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