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By Janet Holland March 20th, 2011

This weekend, the PixL schedule includes several opportunities to watch “Mystery Girl,” a new original movie produed for the Hallmark Channel, but not yet shown on that channel. In the weeks since this wonderful, family-friendly channel joined the Sky Angel line-up, I have noticed a couple of other original movies, one of which appeared on the Hallmark Channel soon after. I take this to mean that not only will we be able to see past Hallmark movies and other family-friendly movies on PixL, but we may get to see some new family-friendly movies on the PixL channel before they are broadcast anywhere else. And all the PixL channel movies are commercial-free to boot! I love this channel!

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  1. Mason Says:

    I’ve enjoyed Pixl as well. An excellent movie channel. Only wish it was in the faith section to use 48hr playback!

  2. Sherry Smith Says:

    We love PIXL Movie Channel; but we have seen every movie three or four times. We are hoping for some new movies to be shown soon. Wish there were at least monthly debuts. Thanks for such a great family channel, but please refresh the line-up.

  3. JHolland Says:

    I enjoy being able to watch the library of family-friendly/inspirational Hallmark movies (with a few other movies included that aren’t from Hallmark) without commercials. Since the channel is less than a year old, it will probably take some time for them to expand their offerings. What I have noticed since PIXL joined the Sky Angel lineup is that whenever Hallmark produces a new movie, it is premiered on PIXL before it is shown on the Hallmark Channel. I take a few minutes weekly to check for any new movies, usually shown sometime during the weekend during prime time.

    I searched for detailed PIXL listings on-line and found this link:


  4. Kerry Davis Says:

    I like that the movies are shown without commercials, but they do appear to be edited to fit into standard 90-minute time slots throughout the day, and that’s unfortunate.

  5. michael Says:

    I think your doing a wonerful job. Thanks for bringing country, God, friends and family back as an entertainment form. The stories are done very well you show a simpler more personal way of life. I”m jewish I believe we all pray to the same God. You show churches ya think you could show a temple. Keep up the good work. Again thank you..

  6. JHolland Says:

    Michael, you might find a program called “Jewish Voice” of interest. It is on the NRB channel daily, as well as on other Sky Angel channels throughout the week. God bless!

  7. McKate Says:

    I love this channel… NO COMMERCIALS, thank you Lord for that! I have my kids watching movies with me, and they are in their 20’s! Thank you!

  8. Emanuel Says:

    just came across ths channel and so far glued to the movies.. very real-life-like.. i love this channel so far..

  9. betty Says:

    like your channel very much…But wish you would change movies every month instead seeing the same ones every time….

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