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By Max Beebout November 5th, 2011

The program, “Answer’s in Genesis” is a wonderful program that I watch on the AFA channel. The program airs once a week with two different segments: the “Answers creation hour” and the normal program, “Answer’s in Genesis.”  Both segments deal with an array of different subjects ranging from sharing your faith to creationism to biblical science, etc. 


This week’s episode was an “Answers Creation hour” and it featured Ken Ham, who presented a discussion called, “One Blood, One Race.”


What Ken tackles here is the topic of race and where all the people came from. 


Well, right off the bat he references the Bible and points to Genesis 5:4 as to start the conversation of where people came from, if there was just one man and one woman. The book of Genesis references “Adam and Eve and sons and daughters” and that Eve was given her name because she was to be the mother of all the living. So originally, brothers and sisters got married at that point in time. In fact, it wasn’t until the time of Moses and the book of Leviticus that marriage of close relations was prohibited. So what that means is that for 2500 years close intermarriage was normal but then it changed as the growth of the human population changed.


Then Mr. Ham backs up every statement said with scripture, regarding the story how people came from different races, or people groups, all coming from the destruction of the Tower of Babel, and relating the changes in humans from the beginning to now as the way that animals still stay the same kind of animal as their DNA changes over time with mating.


“Answer’s in Genesis” is a wonderful program. I would highly recommend this to families with children in school, because they are being show all different kinds of ways that we came to be as people that is not biblical in any ways. I would also recommend this program to anyone with questions or concerns over things that they might be too afraid to ask their pastor or other kinds of religious leader. Again, solid theology and great programming with a little bit of humor mixed in here and there.


And so watch and enjoy. Who knows, you learn a thing or two. God Bless


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