The Reality of Modern TV

By Michael McDonald October 22nd, 2012

Television has certainly changed over the years. Australian television pioneer Reg Grundy feels that modern day television, especially reality TV, has diminished in quality over the years.

Mr. Grundy is regarded as a reality TV titan. He began his career by developing the radio game show “Wheel of Fortune,”which later became a popular adaptation for television. Additionally, Grundy has also developed numerous Australian dramas like “Prisoner” and “The Restless Years.”


Despite his personal distaste for today’s reality TV shows, he did acknowledge that some are decent. “Survivor is a marvelous example. They are supposed to be in the wild all on their own and possibly the director/producer is whispering little things in their ears, what they might say, so the one thing they are not is reality.”


Do you agree with Reg Grundy that most of today’s reality TV programs are driven more by money than substance?

To read more about Reg Grundy’s thoughts of today’s reality TV, click here:

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