Homeless For the Holidays!

By Robert Steffensen November 17th, 2012

I found another great family movie in the Skyangel VOD Free line up. Homeless For the Holidays is a funny and heart warming film about a family who loses pretty much all of their earthly possessions while gaining something much greater. This story, which is supposed to be based on true events, is about a well to do businessman Jack Baker.(and his family) Due to a failing economy and other circumstances, Jack finds himself unemployed and then everything begins to fall apart! Now don’t get me wrong…this is no Oscar winning performance and the acting does at times leave something to be desired, but the story is totally worth it. If you can let yourself get into the story, it will grow on you. Be sure to head over to the GMovies section of the free VOD movies and check out Homeless For The Holidays!

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