The Stones Cry Out

By Merwinna Stevens December 7th, 2012

stones cry outThe Zola Levitt program is aired on several of the faith channels. The series, The Stones Cry Out consists of documentaries concerning archaeological digs in Jerusalem. The first was about the tunnel that runs along the Western Wall. The second and current program is about the two temples. Both are extremely interesting.

There have been political upheavals as the truth has come out. Apparently, however, the archaeologists from all faiths have a common interest in finding out the truth. It is a labor of love where archaeologists from all three faiths work together. They are interested in the science of archaeology.

Jewish history in Jerusalem goes back to the time of David.  They have found the gates of the old temple. They have found what remains of where it stood. One of the stones found came from the original temple. It was re-used in the second temple as it fit perfectly with the other stones. Perhaps they used it because it had an inscription from the first temple.

The archaeologists also discovered the Samaritan temple stones. The dig found articles of everyday life from the Byzantine period. They found bronze coins and gold pieces from the same period. They even found what remained of an olive oil lamp, even ash as well as the remains of the animals that were sacrificed. They found portions of the Samaritan temple itself.

This updated series originally aired in 1990’s with Zola Levitt and Tom McCall.

As always, archaeology continues to prove the truth of the Bible.

If you want to see the first program it is archived on the website:

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