Hollywood makeover

By Michael McDonald December 10th, 2012

Have you been to the movies lately? Filmmaker and media consultant Phil Cooke believes that Hollywood is in need of a desperate infusion of Christian values. Cooke works on a panel that strives to raise support for Christian films. Both Phil and his wife believe that the quality of movies played in theaters has diminished, helping to lower the standard for future film projects. Cooke tells Christians that the only way to send a message to film executives is through box office sales.


“With 71 million evangelical Christians in America,” Cooke explains. “If we actually went out on opening night to movies we support I think we would change Hollywood tomorrow.”


Cooke and his panel try to make dramatic changes in the way film directors and executives create their films.


What are some ways that you can help fulfill the mission of Phil and Kathleen Cooke?


To read more about Phil and Kathleen’s ideas to change Hollywood, click here:  


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