Movie Review: G Movies - Me Again

By Mason Goodknight January 4th, 2013

Pure Flix has done it again. What’s better is those of us with FAVE by SkyAngel get to see this and nearly a hundred other movies and shows for FREE from G Movies! I wrote earlier that I would spend some time reviewing G Movie selections and here’s my first.

“Me Again”, is a cool new movie from Pure Flix! Pure Flix makes some of the best Christian movies out there! “Me Again”, is no exception. Think of the classic films “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Freaky Friday”, mixed with some Bible lessons and you have an idea of what you’ll see in this film.

Rich Chaplin is our main character. He’s a sullen and failing pastor of a small church. He’s recently been kicked out of his house and his marriage is in trouble. ┬áDuring a late night TV show he’s watching from his church office/temporary home, he gets a commercial style message from a apparent angel trying to get him to get his life in order. He throws up a prayer of desperation to God and then all goes crazy!

Rich finds himself waking up in other peoples bodies! It’s Freaky Friday on steroids! He is given the opportunity to get a grip on what others lives are like and just what he needs to be doing with his. His friend Tony is along for the ride as the only one who gets to know what is going on!

This movie has lots of laughs and good bible friendly story that exalts marriage, family, and thankfulness. When it is all said and done Rich comes out a better Husband, Father, Pastor, and disciple of Christ.

I highly recommend this movie for the whole family. I look forward to watching more great G Movies on FAVE from SkyAngel!

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