Movie Review: Kiss the Bride - G Movies

By Mason Goodknight January 26th, 2013

WOW! Where do I begin? First I guess I’ll apologize to anybody who watched this movie before I did, because I failed to warn you off from it! This movie is horrible! If this were just a movie about heathens getting over some issues on their wedding day and then trying to live happily ever after I guess it would just be a poor movie and not very entertaining. However, seeing as we are supposed to believe that most, if not all of the cast members are Christians, this movie flies fast into the horrible category!

This movie is full of characters who engage and even apparently approve of drunkenness, sexual talk, foul mouths, coarse joking, etc.(Rom. 1) What makes it unbelievable is the late coming, somewhat biblically sound wisdom coming from the mouths of some of the characters. Of course this after a film full of garbage pouring out.

The Bibles asks the rhetorical question, Can one well put forth salt water and fresh? Jesus tells us trees produce after their kind, good for good and bad for bad. This movie has in the end apparent bad trees producing good fruit!  It is the unbiblical hypocrisy that drives me nuts.

Is there any good? Yes. The pastor seems a genuine saint and does a good job laying out the biblical truth of unconditional love and forgiveness. He seems to be the only non hypocrite. That said if these are his congregants he is in need of enacting some serious church discipline in lines with Matthew 18!

In short don’t watch this movie. I’m only glad I did to fill a blog post and possibly warn some people off. If however, you feel you must see this, please keep the kids away, this is NOT family friendly.

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