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By Jim Phelps February 13th, 2013

Yesterday was Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans. If you’ve ever wondered what a pagan festival looked like, look no farther than Mardi Gras.

To provide people a family-friendly alternative to Mardi Gras, my church has Family Day every year on Mardi Gras Day. We have free food and games for kids and adults. We also have Spirit TV on the big screen!

I logged onto Sky Angel Web TV on the computer in the sound booth, and we had Christian Music videos ALL DAY!

There were lots of people there who have never heard of Sky Angel, who saw several hours of it on the big screen. Of course, sometimes when I would spot someone watching it, I would explain to them what it was and tell them how nice it is to have it in your home.

If you have Sky Angel Web TV, why not ask your pastor if you can show Spirit TV or some other Sky Angel programming at your next church event. That may be the only time the people in your church will ever hear of Sky Angel.

You and I know how wonderful Sky Angel is. Let’s let others know as well!

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