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By Mason Goodknight February 18th, 2013

What is different about this review from some of my recent ones? I really liked this movie! This movie was God honoring, funny, and informative. Not only can your whole family watch this movie together, your whole family should! I truly believe everyone will enjoy it.

If you are interested in getting your younger kids(or even yourself)some rudimentary apologetics resources for your Christian faith, this is a great movie for you! It may at least whet your appetite to study more about the God who saved you from Hell!

In this Napoleon Dynamite/Bringing Up Bobby style movie aimed at pre teens to adults you will find a fun movie centered around Jesus. Isn’t that refreshing?

Our main character is Walter Riley. Walter is a goofy news anchor on the areas #1 (and only)news show in the town of Berea(Yes it is a hint at the investigative angle of the movie). Walter is given the task by his fellow atheist/agnostic boss to prove Jesus was a fake. All in the hopes to get ratings for their dead last network not for any desire to actually uncover truth(Sounds kind of like journalism/media regarding Jesus in reality huh?).

However, this is for Walter’s segment, “Walter Wonders” and he takes his journalistic duties seriously if pretty ineptly! Walter is literally witnessed to and taught as it were, all about Jesus from a preteen boy who hangs around the station because his mom works there. Through various cartoon cut scenes we get a pretty accurate biblical telling of many of Jesus’ activities in the Bible.

Throw in an old nemesis, a grumpy boss, a ditzy vain co anchor, and a special “Janitor” named “Gabe”, who helps Walter meet all the right people for his research, and you end up with a great family movie with Walter proclaiming not that Jesus is fake, but that indeed “Jesus is Real”!

This film is a real blessing both for family and even Sunday school for all ages. Check it out and enjoy! God bless!

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