Movie Review - Kingdom Under the Sea:The Gift(G Movies)

By Mason Goodknight February 28th, 2013

Now Kingdom Under the Sea is obviously a knockoff on Finding Nemo. Our main character Splash is a young clown fish with his family and all the rest of the Kingdom community.

The gift is all about Christmas and how the kingdom under the sea lose sight of what Christmas is all about. In short they get caught up in consumerism and all the stuff that Christmas is not.

This is actually a good little film and parents who sit through it with their kids might actually be a little convicted about their getting to focussed on the “stuff”  and not on Jesus!

This short thirty minute film does a good job of giving a fun and funny movie complete with a grinch like Professor Pinch with his Igor like minion who try to ruin Christmas by stealing and destroying. Yet in the end there is a solid gospel presentation and the birth of a new baby turtle to a homeless couple who came to town that turn the town and us as viewers to the true meaning of Christmas!

A good short film for the whole family! Enjoy it any time of year, especially as it’s free!

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