A Gifted Speech!

By Robert Steffensen March 4th, 2013

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In my teen years, I remember reading a book, that really inspired  me, called “Gifted Hands” written by Ben Carson. In this book, Ben tells his story of growing up raised by his mom, in poverty, with poor grades, a bad temper, and a low self-esteem. His mother had only a third-grade education, but she challenged him to overcome tough obstacles and Ben eventually became a world-renowned neurosurgeon! In 1987, Carson made medical history by being the first surgeon to successfully separate the Binder twins who had been joined at the back of the head! A 70-member surgical team, led by Carson, worked for 22 hours. At the end, the twins were successfully separated and can now survive independently from each other!

Ben Carson is truly an amazing person and just recently, to my surprise, he was in the news again but not in the way I expected!  On Fox news, I watched him give a great message at the National Prayer Breakfast right by President Barack Obama! He gave practical Biblical insights(not political) on issues facing our nation. I love his sound advice and one my favorite quotes from his speech was:

“the fairest individual in the universe — God — and he’s given us a system. It’s called the tithe.”

He went on to mention that our tax system is too complicated and suggested using God’s extremely fair system based on the tithe. I saw Dr. Carson on the Hannity show as well, and Hannity asked him if he would ever run for president. Ben replied, “If the Lord grabbed me by the collar and made me do it I would…” That’s enough for me… Ben Carson for president!

If you would like to watch Dr. Carson’s powerful speech copy the following link:  http://gnli.christianpost.com/video/dr-benjamin-carsons-amazing-speech-at-the-national-prayer-breakfast-with-obama-present-8499

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