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By Robert Steffensen March 12th, 2013

This afternoon, when I turned on Sky Angel to watch the news, I noticed on the home screen that Wreck It Ralph was available on VOD! This movie is brand new to Blue Ray and DVD. Wreck It Ralph is a Disney animated cartoon about arcade style video game characters. Ralph, the main character, feels trapped inside his game and his role as a bad guy, so he decides to go exploring in an effort to get a medal and prove he can be a good guy. In the end, he helps a spunky little girl with the problems she is facing inside her game. This cartoon is rated PG and for the most part is family friendly. Throughout the film there are many nods to old 80’s and 90’s games, and I’m sure many adults who were kids in those years will get a kick out of that. While I will admit that this isn’t Disney’s best film, it is pretty entertaining and fun. My kids all enjoyed watching it! I always find Plugged In movie reviews to be helpful when choosing movies. Here is a link to the Wreck It Ralph review. You can also find many Plugged In Reviews for free on Sky Angel under free.

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