Love Those Gaither Concerts!!

By Janet Holland March 15th, 2013

I’m having such a great time with some special Friday night music! I watched the Gaither Homecoming concert, “GVB: Pure and Simple, Part I,” on TLN tonight (3/15/13). Bill Gaither said he discovered some video of this concert “in the vault” and wanted to share it. Even though he didn’t specify it, I’m pretty sure this was one of the Jubilate New Year’s Eve concerts. Many of the artists (Anthony Burger, Vestal and Howard Goodman, Jake Hess, and some others) are now in Heaven; Bill reminisced about them on this video.

This concert brought such good memories back to me. My husband, Trent (now deceased), and I went to a number of Gaither concerts. We also went to the wonderful Praise Gathering events in Indianapolis for several years. Those were the best times!

This particular concert will be shown on many of the Sky Angel IPTV and WebTV channels over the next 5-6 days. When you factor in all the 48-hour playback opportunities that go along with those showings, you can surely find an opportunity to enjoy this wonderful concert. Tonight, I watched it on TLN on my IPTV service. Now, as I write this post, I am watching it again on my new iPad mini using the very user-friendly Sky Angel iPad app. A really nice way to spend a Friday evening!

I’m guessin’ that Part II of this concert will be on soon…

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