Same old, same old, and I LOVE it!

By Janet Holland April 27th, 2013

I was thinking this weekend about what I might share here on the Sky Angel blog. I have been “extra busy” recently making upgrades in my home and editing a book–it’s ’bout all this ol’ senior citizen can manage just keeping up with the demands of each day!

But that doesn’t mean I’m not thoroughly enjoying Sky Angel programming! It’s my reliable, uplifting 24/7 companion. I always know that I’ll be able to turn to my favorite ministry teaching programs every day, listen to Christian radio through the night, catch all the Gaither Homecoming concerts, listen to the “Pulpit Classics” on the Liberty Channel, be blessed by many testimonies of God’s transforming work in others’ lives as they are shared on various programs, and enjoy so many more blessings. After enjoying something on Sky Angel, I often reflect on the fact that it has a much greater and longer-lasting impact on me than most of the things I might choose to spend time watching on cable TV.

Now and then, as I enjoy the “same old, same old” programming, God gives me a wonderfully-unexpected surprise. One night, I was having trouble getting to sleep, so I got up to drink some Sleepytime tea. While I did that, I decided to start up the Sky Angel WebTV app on my iPad. (BTW, if you have an iPad, you MUST check out this great app–the picture quality and navigation are excellent!) Anyway, back to my story…I selected a “Pulpit Classics” program to watch in the wee hours of that sleepless night. I was astonished to see that it was an encore of a message that has significant meaning to me. I shouted a “Hallelujah!” that only God and I heard…

In the mid 70s, I was a relatively new Christian, but my husband, Trent, was not yet a believer. One Sunday as I watched an “Old Time Gospel Hour” broadcast, Trent stopped to watch and listen. God used that message to lead my husband to a decision to become a Christian. What a special gift it was for the Lord to allow me to hear that message once again and rejoice in the memory of how it had impacted my family many years ago! As it turned out that night, watching Sky Angel was not “same old, same old” at all!

So I’m not sharing a movie review today or urging you not to miss a particular program. I’m simply telling you that the “same old, same old” 24/7 presence of Sky Angel in my days is a great blessing! If you have not checked out Sky Angel yet, let me urge you to do so! You’ll be blessed, too!!

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