In the Steps of Moses

By Jim Phelps May 12th, 2013

In the Steps of Moses is a very interesting video that tells of the life of Moses, from the time that his mother put him in the basket in the Nile River till the time he died on Mt. Nebo.
It is shot on-site where the actual events occurred, or in nearby places which are representative of the actual locations.
The video gives lots of detail and information, so you will learn a lot from watching it.
There were two things of particular interest:  The host mentioned that the famous Egyptian named Im-Hotep was likely Joseph the son of Jacob; and the place where Israel likely crossed the Red Sea has what appear to be chariot wheels at the bottom of the sea!
You will find this to be a very enlightening and interesting video.  Look in the Vision Video section, under Video On Demand / Movies.

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