Family Addition

By Merwinna Stevens June 22nd, 2013

I watched the new show, Family Addition for the first time last night. It is heartwarming to watch a deserving family being blessed. In addition to their biological son, they have adopted more. In all, they have nine children. All of the younger children are siblings. One of them was not available for adoption without an expensive test.  Leigh is a great motivator. She got the test done for free after sharing how deserving this family was. The Jacksons now have nine children.

The house had a small dining area–too small for them all to eat at the same time. The small laundry equipment was in a niche in the wall. The family was given a large capacity washer and dryer so all their clothes could be washed in one load. Leigh again was able to encourage a generous business man to donate the pair.

In addition, the team made a dining, play area complete with swing and slide, and a private sanctuary for the parents to enjoy. This will be a great area in a climate that is warm year round.

Last but not least, the entire family was treated to a dream vacation. If you like shows that include home improvement and real life stories that touch your heart, check this one out.

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  1. Merwinna Stevens Says:

    I accidentally left out the name, Leigh Anne Tuohy, whose life inspired the movie, The Blind Side.

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