Saturday Radio

By Janet Holland June 22nd, 2013

For many of us, Saturday is a day of getting household chores done. With the help of Sky Angel and an FM transmitter, good radio programming keeps me company in every room as I work around my house. Right now, I am starting my day with worship music on the All Worship radio channel.

Later this morning, I will listen to “Soundfile,” a weekly program that highlights some of the best programming that was aired during the week on Moody Radio. During the afternoon and evening hours, I will enjoy the great mix of music that is on 24/7 during the weekend on the Oasis Network. I’ll even have the Oasis Network music on in the background during the night (I have a Sky Angel remote I can operate from my night stand).

There are also many good teaching programs on Bott Radio, Moody Radio, KTLW, and other radio channels, as well as music of all styles on channels like Sacred Favorites (traditional), Solid Gospel (southern gospel), and KSBJ (contemporary). There’s even a conservative talk radio channel. All of that is just a sampling of the available options.

I realize I could listen to most of these radio stations through my computer, but having them all available in one spot on Sky Angel makes it so much easier and more likely that I will choose to listen. Another advantage of getting my radio offerings this way is that there is no background noise or poor reception–everything is crystal clear. I don’t even need to ever change the station on my radios–everything broadcasts on one frequency.

Of course, with my FM transmitter, I can also choose the audio from any Sky Angel TV channel and listen to that throughout my house as well. I often do that with the Fox News channel. And I can always take my iPad with me to access Sky Angel WebTV (includes radio channels), or I can just leave my iPad on the charger and carry a Bluetooth speaker with me as I work.

Technology is so much fun…but it’s also a huge blessing as it helps me add edifying music to my days, all day, every day–all night, too! On Saturdays, I know those pesky chores will go better with uplifting music all around me.

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