Kirk Cameron’s Monumental on TBN for 4th of July!

By Mason Goodknight July 6th, 2013

If you’ve wanted to see Kirk Cameron;s documentary on America then hurry to TBN while you can see it FREE on 48hr playback!

I watched the whole film tonight and was blessed by it. I learned some interesting facts and history. It was a very well produced documentary with good music and good interviews.

If there was anything negative to Kirk’s role is that it seemed he may have been feigning a little ignorance in his role as an investigator. It seems to me he would know quite a bit about what he uncovered here prior to filming. However, I could be wrong.

Maybe my favorite part was the man outside Harvard that very succinctly explained why Atheists can’t live as they claim they believe. It was a very profound and simple yet, biblical answer. In short, atheists can’t live as if the world was as they claim it is, because quite simply it isn’t. The world is God’s world, and we are bound to live in it as He designed us to. In as much as we want to function in any semblance of rationality.

Overall a very good family friendly and educational documentary. Enjoy and God bless!

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