Keep an eye on your television

By Michael McDonald July 10th, 2013

Watch out parents, television nudity is on the rise. The Parents Television Council conducted research that revealed an increased percentage of blurred and pixilated nudity on television during prime time television hours.


The PTC study reveals that almost 70% of this level of nudity is shown on TV-PG rated programs. One alarming fact relating to this study is that during the first four months of 2013, the number of instances of television nudity was equal to the entire 2011-2012 television season. With so many instances of inappropriate material, protecting younger viewers is now more important than ever.


“Most parents instinctively know that they need to monitor what their kids are watching on television, but our new research shows that it would be almost impossible for them to protect their kids from blurred or pixilated nudity on TV since most broadcast TV networks are rating these shows as acceptable for young children,” said PTC President Tim Winter.


Do you find the study from Parents Television Council alarming?


To read more about the study from PTC, click here:


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