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By Mason Goodknight November 30th, 2013

We sat down as a family and watched the new movie, “Saving Santa”. Now I’m not a big Santa fan. My girls are 7 and 5 and we have never led them to believe Santa is real and they’ve always known Jesus is the real reason for Christmas.

However, because Santa is make believe and we don’t have to spend time trying to hide that from our kids and waste time in a movie explaining away scientific absurdities. This actually makes watching Santa movies more fun.

One disclaimer. The movie Poster doesn’t list Tim Conway at the top. Also in the trailer you can watch below you will hear a distinctly British Santa Clause. However, that must have been changed before final production. The movie you will watch on SkyAngel and anywhere else I assume has Tim Conway as Santa. Nothing against whoever the gentleman was who voiced the trailer, but I did enjoy Tim Conway as Santa better! It was fun to share with out girls that the guy playing Santa also played “Wormie”, in one of their favorite cartoon series.

Well as to the movie. Bernard the Elf(Martin Freeman from the Hobbit) is the main character. Bernard is a nice but somewhat bumbling wannabe elf inventor. His dream is to work for “Santech”. Currently Bernard is the Reindeer pooper scooper. It seems his best friend is “Blitzen” the reindeer.

Bernard stumbles on a plot by a wicked shipping magnate(played by Tim Curry)to steal Santa and his secret to lightning fast package delivery! If that wasn’t enough evil, add in Joan Collins as mommy to Tim and you get quite a mix.

Stir in cool 3d animation, great actors, some catchy musical tunes, just a hint of Groundhog’s Day, and plenty of Christmas cheer and you have a pretty great movie! Enjoy it with your family this Christmas season! God bless!

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