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Movie Review: Come What May - TBN - 03/18 at 0000

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I wanted to make sure and get this review out today as it is the last day you have to see this film free on 48hr playback. Waht an awesome feature for us SkyAngel folks huh?

Now to the movie. In our current social climate where the documentary “180″ has shaken up may lives about abortion it semed an opportune time for TBN to show this film and for me to review it.

Come What May is filmed at and acted by students and faculty from the famous Home Schoolers College “Patrick Henry College.” They are famous not only because they are a Home Schoolers College but also because they are an excellent Academic institution! Their training in legal issues is some of the best in the country. It is that area of excellence where we find this movie set.

There is a couple subplots dealing with family tension and budding young romance, However, the line that threads it all together is the moot court proceeding held at Patrick Henry in order to overthrow Roe Vs. Wade. Abortion is met head on in a legal and moral challenge in this film.

The acting is far from Oscar worthy, but it is quite passable. The gem here is the message. I reccommend you go watch this film today before it slips away. God bless and enjoy!

Here’s a link with a more in depth review and the trailer at the bottom. –>  

ALERT! URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT! Earth Shattering Documentary on Abortion Airing on NRB Tonight, TWICE!

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

This 2,000,000 hit Youtube Viral video on abortion just hit SkyAngel on NRB! God bless NRB for showing this film! For SkyAngel viewers it just aired at 19:26 EST and will air again at 01:30am EST(10:30 Pacific). If you haven’t seen this yet please carve out the time to watch it now or when it is on 48hr playback! Please spread the word for the lives of unborn children! DirecTV owners also get NRB. I’m not sure about Dish. Check your local listings! Please spread the word! God bless!

See Preview Here –>

Sarah’s Choice

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

On Mother’s Day we had the chance to watch Sarah’s Choice on TBN. This Pure Flick stars Rebecca St. James who plays Sarah… a young woman with a career that was really taking off, but Sarah’s world comes to a crashing halt on finding out that she’s pregnant!

I was somewhat surprised… Rebecca,  who has a great singing career, does exceptionally well as an actor!  I was also impressed how the the film handled the topic of sex, abortion, and getting pregnant outside of marriage. They took great care so that one would not feel embarrassed with the content by avoiding too much of the details.  Sarah’s Choice has a solid message that I would some day like to share with my girls. They are 3 and 5 right now so I do have a few years!  You can also find Sara’s Choice in the VOD section.

Movie Review: Come What May - JCTV

Monday, February 1st, 2010








Seeming to keep on an abortion topic this movie, like “Sarah’s Choice” deals with abortion, but from the legal angle. This is an interesting movie in one way. It is filmed at Patrick Henry college, the college well known for it’s home schoolers who go there for college. More than that the majority of the actors were home schooled students from the college. It is their first film and it tackles a huge subject. I enjoyed the movie as I enjoyed the topic and the story line. It is about the National Moot Court Championships and tackling Roe vs. Wade. There is also important subplots regarding young romance, marriage and the challenges, as well as moral courage. Overall it could have used tighter and more detailed story at some points and of course as rookie actors there was some lack of polish there. However, overall the storyline and it’s unique approach to it carried the film. Look for it to surface on JCTV and TBN as well. God bless!

Movie review: Sarah’s Choice - Cornerstone

Monday, January 25th, 2010












This is a great movie. St, James does well as an actress and the story is great as well. This movie is obviously about abortion and the challenges faced by young women pregnant and confused. There is a definite “Christmas Carolesque” twist to this film. Any young woman should see this film. Pure Flix makes good quality Christian films. Comedian Brad Stine also has a small role as well as DIck Van Patten. A good movie overall. Definitely a “Chick Flick” but a good movie for anyone to watch. God bless and enjoy! Applause for Cornerstone for getting this before even VOD. Hopefully it shows more than once and many get to see it. God bless!

Untouchable Subjects: Religion and Politics. NOT HERE!

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

The below is an excerpt from one of my other blogs on MySpace. However it ties in here quite well because I get almost all my news coverage from Fox News here on SkyAngel. It has been a real blessing. However it is the God of the Bible that inspired SkyAngel and many of it’s channels that leads me to share about the important upcoming elections. If you are a Christian and are voting for Obama or any other pro abortion candidates this may offend you. So beware. I’m not pre empting this as an apology to those people, only a warning. Todd Friel on Family Net on my Favorite show on here at SkyAngel has excellently and theologically covered the life issue. Check out “Wretched” if you want some of his insight. Read on and comment if you choose. God bless!

There are actually quite a few candidates running for office. Most importantly the President. IF you are a Christian you have no excuse for voting for a Pro-Abortion candidate. There is no greater cause or issue than life. No other issue is definite life and death of innocents(Don’t even try to cop out on a the Iraq business. No comparison at all!). I promise if you ask Jesus WWJD? He would not vote for anyone who OK’s the killing of the children He formed in the womb of the mother. Voting pro abortion is sinful, no two ways about it. If you think you can’t vote for John McCain for whatever reason(He definitely wasn’t my first choice, though he is getting my vote now.)then vote for someone like Baldwin or Paul(Just check your motive. If it is simply prideful desire to buck the system know pride is sin as well.). But whatever you do, do not Vote Obama or any other Pro Abortion candidate running. Ultimately the only real choice we have to keep Obama out is McCain/Palin. Yes, abortion should be and must be a make or break issue with Christians. If life isn’t the most important issue we face, what right do we have to say we are Christ-like or Christian? God bless as you prayerfully vote this season!