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PTC Calls for Cancellation of NBCs Playboy Club

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Family Issues & You:

PTC Calls for Immediate Cancellation of NBC’s “Playboy Club”

The Parents Television Council® is calling for the immediate cancellation of “The Playboy Club” on NBC following the second episode in the new season, which drew even more abysmal ratings than the premiere. PTC is also asking members to contact Capital One, Samsung, and keep the pressure on Chrysler until they cease sponsorship of a broadcast television program that is mainstreaming the pornography industry.

“What has been clear to everyone outside of NBC must now be clear even to those inside NBC: ‘The Playboy Club’ is a commercial disaster and must be removed from the airwaves. We call for the network to cancel this degrading and sexualizing program immediately,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

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