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Great entertainment to watch…..

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Great entertainment to watch….

In The Blink Of An Eye on Featured On Demand.

Saving Faith Jan. 6th on Cornerstone also view on WebTV

Walton’s Marathon Jan. 6th on INSP, also view on WebTV

Veggie Tales - God Made You Special Jan 12th on Smile of a Child, also view on WebTV

Here are the times: just click on the picture to enlarge in your browser.

Did You Know?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Did You Know that Sky Angel has a monthly Guide online? The guide always has great information for each month about FaveTV & Sky Angel.  Here is December’s Sky Angel Guide

On Page 10 “Quick As A Click”

Sky Angel’s Video On Demand puts an enormous selection of faith-based and family-friendly programs at your command.  Pick up your remote and start a moving…. as special.. even a favorite karaoke tune anytime! Play it, pause it, fast-forward or rewind it…. but most of all, enjoy it.

Features For December

This Month Features

Upgrading My Sky Angel Package Today

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Awhile back, I scaled back my Sky Angel package from the full FAVE programming to the faith programming only. That change, along with Sky Angel’s new bundle pricing, allowed me to get all the faith programming (with the wonderful 48-hour playback feature on the TV channels) in two rooms, plus the WebTV for just $5 (bundle pricing). I have been paying $32.99/mo.–a real bargain when you compare the offering to most cable packages.

For me, there are two FAVE channels I have missed–the PIXL movie channel and Universal Sports. PIXL is mostly Hallmark movies (commercial-free!). I have been monitoring their programming recently and notice that there are quite a few movies that say “2012″–this tells me they are beginning to make more new movies, so there will be a better offering. Also, I have noticed over time that new Hallmark movies premiere on PIXL weeks before they are scheduled for showing on the regular Hallmark Channel, and, of course, I can watch those premieres without commercials on PIXL.

Then as a long-time figure-skating fan, I have been disappointed in recent years that very few figure-skating competitions are carried on regular broadcast channels. The Universal Sports channel broadcasts the competitions I can no longer see elsewhere (unless I pay to see them online). Being able to watch the full figure-skating season means that when the winter Olympics come around again, I will know who the skaters are and have an idea of what to expect. That makes all the difference for a fan of the sport!

So I decided to add back the FAVE programming this morning for an additional $20/mo.–that pricing will allow me to get these two channels once again–in two rooms. As I type this blog post, I am enjoying a brand-new movie on PIXL.

Anticipation Of Sky Angel 2.0

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

We have been waiting for the exciting new platform and it will be here before you know it! I received the following great news in my email box:

“The anticipated launch of Sky Angel 2.0 is coming soon and Sky Angel will initiate the new platform, providing you with the ultimate viewing experience.
After Sky Angel 2.0 is launched, for those who have a second generation NXP set top box, a message will appear on your television that will read: STB Upgrade. Please wait. This process can take several minutes. Do not power down. During this message, please refrain from powering down the box. Please be patient, as this process can take several minutes.
The next message that will appear asks you to confirm a firmware upgrade. At this time, using your Sky Angel remote, select “confirm” and press OK. Once again, please refrain from powering off your box in the middle of the upgrade. Powering down during the upgrade may cause your box to become locked. If this happens, it may not be possible to continue using your box. When the upgrade is complete, your receiver will automatically reboot itself by shutting down and turning itself back on.
After the system has rebooted, the Sky Angel 2.0 upgrade will be complete! The next picture you’ll see is the new Sky Angel homepage.
We hope that you enjoy everything that the new platform has to offer and we thank you for your patience. You’ll be watching the best in family- friendly entertainment on Sky Angel 2.0!”

On a personal note I am sorry I haven’t posted for awhile our move was harder then expected for me physically.  I have carpal tunnel in both hands and the move aggravated the CT.  I am finally beginning to feel better daily but I have to pace myself so I heal.

God Bless!