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ROKU-Sky Angel

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

After I learned that Sky Angel is now available on ROKU, I decided it was time for me to get a ROKU streaming device. It attaches to my front room TV via an HDMI cable and uses my high-speed Internet via Wi-fi just like the Sky Angel IPTV box does. I had checked out the ROKU device and programming in the past, but the addition of Sky Angel is what tipped the scales to help me decide to get it now.

I am a techie at heart, anyway, so I wanted to check out the ROKU technology. It was ridiculously easy to set it up–connect the HDMI cable, enter my network password in the ROKU setup, choose the Sky Angel channel from the ROKU channel store, and VOILA–Sky Angel on ROKU! (If you already have a Sky Angel IPTV box, you should call Sky Angel to get the Faith Everywhere package pricing. When you choose Sky Angel from the Roku channel store, you are actually subscribing to a new account with a 48-hour free trial.)

I switched from having two Sky Angel IPTV boxes (the second one at a discounted monthly subscription rate of $10) to having one IPTV box and now the ROKU in place of the second box (a SAVINGS of $5/mo.!). The ROKU offering is the same as the TV channels on Sky Angel WebTV; at this point in time, the ROKU offering does not include radio, but there is some OnDemand programming, including G-Movies. It also does not include FAVE family channels–you would need the FAVE IPTV service to get those. Since I already have a Faith Everywhere package, the ROKU add-on is priced the same way as adding WebTV and/or the iPad app–just 5.00/mo. for each added device. If I did not have the IPTV box, I think I would then be paying $14.99 for the ROKU Sky Angel channel, which I would still consider to be a good deal.

For me, this switch made sense because the faith channels are the reason I am a Sky Angel subscriber. The 48-hour playback feature is part of the ROKU programming, so that makes a whole lot of viewing options available at any point in time! ROKU offers a lot of other programming, most of it free, including radio, news, sports, special interest channels, games, etc. Hulu, Amazon Prime video, and Netflix are available on ROKU as well. There are many new channels coming on each month, so ROKU’s offering is constantly expanding.

You can simply “add” whatever channels you want, totally customizing your ROKU guide. It takes only seconds to add a channel, then if you decide you don’t want a channel after all, it takes only seconds to delete it. There are a few channels that carry a fee–I subscribed to Parables TV and Gaither TV, both well worth the small monthly charge, and I can also access those on my iPad with my subscription. And the free FFE channel (southern gospel videos) is also on ROKU. Some of the channels and ministry programs that are on Sky Angel also offer OnDemand programming on separate ROKU channels. I can even access my own church’s OnDemand library of church services and special events on the ROKU Vimeo channel.

I feel like I have a huge smorgasbord of choices! My Sky Angel IPTV box is the perfect fit for my computer room, where I spend most of my daytime hours working. The ROKU is a perfect fit for my leisure time in the evening. And my iPad allows me to carry Sky Angel WebTV with me wherever I go. Sounds like I have a lot of viewing options, doesn’t it? I do, with a Sky Angel Faith Everywhere package—my total monthly bill for all that is just $32.99. So…if you have Sky Angel IPTV on one box, you can now expand your viewing options for very little additional cost. And if you have a ROKU device, you are just a couple of minutes away from being able to have Sky Angel faith TV and the 48-hour playback feature on your ROKU. Check it out!

The Sacrifice

Friday, June 29th, 2012

The Five-Day CrucifixionThe Five-Day Crucifixion is a supernatural drama based on the story written by Salvatore A. Bono. The drama is in production and the production company, The Sky’s the Limit Productions LLC, has released a short teaser that they hope will attract attention to the movie.

The film centers on the story of John Santo and his deeply rooted spiritual convictions. Despite being tempted by Satan, in the form of a charming, attractive young woman, John’s faith is truly put to the test when he is forced to make a choice to save his daughter’s life by selling his soul to the Devil.

Personal choices can have dire consequences. How would you react if you were in John’s shoes?

Read the article in full and watch at teaser at:

The Art of Violence

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

The Hunger Games is a movie based on the best selling trilogy by Suzanne Collins. In the movie, 24 children are selected to become sacrifices in a violent, gladiator-like tournament where only one person emerges alive. Sixteen-year-old Kantiss Everdeen volunteers herself to the tournament in order to save her younger sister from the same fate.


The violent nature of the film has opened the door to criticism. “We are playing with fire. What children watch and read matters greatly. It seeps into their hearts, minds, and souls.”Dr. Brenda Hunter, PhD addresses that most parents feel overwhelmed by the nature of such mainstream violence. Hunter continues to explain that the violent nature of the movie can be a bad influence for young minds.


To read more visit:


Despite the films violent exterior, could there be an important under-the-surface lesson embedded deep in the story itself?


Super Bowl Showdown: Who should take the blame for M.I.A.’s performance?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

The Super Bowl is the most watched football game of the entire year. During Super Bowl XLVI, the half time show was the cause of much debate, again. Who can forget the Super bowl in 2004 when Janet Jackson’s performance caused a stir in the news? This year, British singer M.I.A. raised her middle finger while center stage, singing the phrase attached to the gesture.

Naturally, the blame game has started. The NFL blames NBC for producing the performance, and NBC blames the NFL for hiring the talent.

In both parties defense, the young singer did numerous dress rehearsals and did not even come close to practicing the stunt seen by everyone watching. It leaves the door open to speculation. “Maybe she felt a little silly for being up there in a mock cheerleader costume cheering for Madonna and she just wanted to make her mark somehow.” For whatever the reason may be who really deserves to share the blame with the singer?

Read the entire article here:

Who should be blamed? The NFL? The NBC Network? Are both parties at fault equally? Let us know by commenting on our blog or on our Facebook page.

10 Ways to Help Your Kids With Sexually Saturated Media

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Family Issues & You:

10 Ways to Help Your Kids with Sexually Saturated Media


Dr. Linda Mintle wrote a recent post on that includes some surprising statistics along with sensible suggestions for parents:


 “I sound like a broken record when I harp on all the sex in media. Pick a week of TV – Fox’s Glee–the characters are deciding whether or not to have sex; CW’s 90210 is a steady stream of hookups; Two and Half Men – is there even a plot without sex as the main theme? And one of my favorites, the Big Bang Theory, has characters hooking up even though the non-sex story lines are very funny.


According to the University of Michigan’s Health Systems web page:


The number of sex scenes on TV has nearly doubled since 1998, with 70% of the top 20 most-watched shows by teens including sexual content.


Fifteen percent of scenes with sexual intercourse depict characters that have just met having sex.


Of the shows with sexual content, an average of five scenes per hour involves sex.”


Read the entire article here:


Do you agree with Dr. Mintle’s 10 suggestions?  Have you tried any of them? Let us know by commenting on our blog or here on our Facebook page.

PTC States TV, Popular Culture Glorifying Adultery

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Family Issues & You:

PTC States TV, Popular Culture Glorifying Adultery


In a recent interview with One News Now, The Parents Television Council (PTC) shares that they expect 2012 to be the same as 2011 in terms of TV’s focus on adultery instead of faithful marriages.  Spokesperson Melissa Henson further discusses the continuing trend.


“This is part of a larger trend that we’ve seen coming for a few years now that seems to glamorize any form of extramarital or premarital relations and glorify that kind of behavior, whereas sex in the context of marriage is treated as either nonexistent or sort of something that you do out of obligation and not out of love,” Henson explains.


Read the entire article here:


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Great Radio Channels!

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I’m on vacation this week, and I have too many projects around the house to work on that I have not quite narrowed down exactly what I will be able to complete in just a short week’s time! We have VBS this week as well, and Monday morning consisted of getting a three, five, and seven year old ready to go to their class. My wife turned on the “Way FM” radio channel, and it actually made the morning fun!  Music does seem to add some spring to our step, while we’re feeding, changing, and all. It’s fun watching the kids bob their little heads and sing along to the music.  Same thing Sunday morning: I put on the “All Worship” station, and it was a wonderful way to start the morning off before our church service.

Now if I could only spring out all of my home projects…

Discovery Channel and friends gone. Bad Form!

Saturday, May 8th, 2010



I never really watched much on any of their channels. As a devout lieteralist Christian, who actually believes the Bible over secular science, I don’t much care for Discovery’s evolutionary bent. Sadly even some Christians have fallen for the evolutionary lie. OK stopping before I go down that road! However, I know many subscribers did enjoy their channels and it is totally irresponsible how they broke contract with SkyAngel and left. There is an ongoing federal case involved in this. I wrote to Discovery as I felt as a blogger/subscriber the need to let them know I was dissapointed by their poor business practice. If you read this and have yet to contact Discovery please do so and let them know how you feel. Be respectful but serious. God bless!

Here is the link giving you info from SkyAngel

Missing a couple weeks!

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

My wife and I have been remodeling over the last few weeks and had the TV put away for a couple weeks.  I’m blessed that TV is not the center of our life. Our whole family loves to read and just do other stuff. While I definitely can live without TV I did miss seeing some of my favorite shows. Some may know I love the show “Wretched” for the first time since I started watching the show over a year ago I missed more episodes than I could roll. back on the 48hr lookback mode. Thankfully I’m a Wretched Club Member and can watch the shows online as they are catalogued! Phew! My wife missed her “Flying Nun”, “Gidget”, and “Hazel”. My daughter also m issed her beloved “God Rocks!” and other great Bible based kids shows. In short I’m glad we’re back on SkyAngel. It is always a blessing to see the growth and new blessings coming all the time from SkyAngel IPTV. God bless all!

One size fits all…

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

In today’s world of customization, user preferences, and an endless list of choices for nearly everything, it’s surprising to see that one thing really does provide a “one size fits all” option.  We have had SkyAngel in our home for nearly a month now, and it is really nice to see that the service has entertainment options for everyone in the family.  No matter what our mood or interest, the time of day or day of the week, we have been able to watch good quality entertainment in a way that has gotten us very spoiled. 

My mom absolutely loves Joyce Meyer, and she was amazed that she could watch her program on several cannels, and at various time throughout the day without having to plan her schedule around the show.  I am huge fan of Dave Ramsey on the FOX Business Network, and I am so jazzed that I can watch his show at a time that is convenient for me, and that doesn’t interfere with my other mommy responsibilities… and my son has even become accustomed to the many choices for cartoons and educational programs that keep him busy in the mornings. 

I think the term “one size fits all” is perfect for the SkyAngel service because it does provide enough variation to keep everyone happy.  I think the term is even more significant nowadays because families seem to be forever spreading further apart in their day to day lives.  It’s nice to know that something as diverse as SkyAngel has the potential to bring families together in a way that is meaningful and useful.  It’s also obvious that plenty of thought and consideration went into choosing the SkyAngel channel line up.  It is comforting to know that someone really does think about what is best for families, especially children, and believes that offering a product that promotes spiritual growth and wholesome relationships is what’s really important… and for that, I am so very grateful.